[CoLoCo] Request for a meeting

Daniel Galecki dgalecki at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 21:44:00 GMT 2007

I have been trying to attend the IRC meetings but rarely have been able to
due to scheduling and/or lack of knowing when they are. Is there some
standard place I can go to look up when the meetings are? I try to regularly
check the CoLoCo google calender ( I actually have it set as one of my
gizmos for my Google homepage) but the only meeting for this month that is
listed there is the one that was scheduled for the 1st which I missed due to
work. Also, for some reason the google calendar that I am referencing (which
has some IRC meetings and the Gutsy release party posted on it) does not
match the one on http://coloco.ubuntu-rocks.org/calendar/ (which seems
always empty). What am I missing?

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