[CoLoCo] Mail Server (shouldn't be this hard)

Dave Vanderploeg dave.vanderploeg at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 15:46:24 GMT 2007

I got new PC and installed Ubuntu Server with LAMP (though I don't really
need it) and OpenSSH off of the CD. Then I install ubuntu-desktop for the
GUI. I'm trying to get a simple setup that does the following:

   1. Hylafax receives faxes (done)
   2. Faxes are forwarded as a PDF to my email

The problem is I cant seem to configure a mail server to save my life. I've
tried Sendmail, exim4 and Postfix. All with no luck. I don't have a static
IP so what I planned on doing was forwarding messages from the mail agent to
my hosting company, and having my hosting company forward them to my email
address. Shouldn't this be super easy to do? I tried following several
guides but all of them  failed me.  I did notice a lot of notes to debian
users so I'm considering using a different flavor, maybe OpenSUSE?

Is there anyone on this list who runs a mail server, what guide or book did
you use to get it set up?

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