[CoLoCo] The Really Fast Way

David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Thu Nov 8 18:27:47 GMT 2007

I'm always in search of the most direct way to do things, CLI or GUI.  Three clicks is
usually faster than a twenty character command, but a ready script or alias is faster
than six clicks.

One thing I missed in my transition to Linux was a really fast way to browse a Windows
file-server.  I found it today:

In  Windows 2000/XP, it's Start>Run (or <Super>+R), "\\servername", <Enter>
In Linux / Gnome, it's <Alt>+<F2>, "smb://servername", <Enter>

I haven't found the clicks to the Run box in Gnome, but it's gone in Vista, too, so I
guess that's OK...

Do you have "really fast way" tricks like this that you use every day?  Share 'em,
wouldja, even if they're simple...

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