[CoLoCo] Home network setup

Kenneth D Weinert kenw at quarter-flash.com
Fri Nov 2 21:37:14 GMT 2007

I'm just curious how people set things up at home.

I'm thinking that permanent machines (permanent in the sense that they
belong to the family whether they be laptop or desktop) should have
fixed IPs and if you have visitors with their own machines that you
should leave DHCP enabled on a different address range.

I think this because I have a machine that serves a printer and it needs
to be seen both from other Linux boxes and my daughter's Windows box.
There's also a storage box and since I work back and forth between the
desktop and the laptop it's easier to keep files synced if they have
permanent names/IPs.

Or is there a better way to manage this that I'm just not thinking of?

Thanks for any pointers, either in direct advice or web info.

Ken Weinert
kenw at quarter-flash.com

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