[CoLoCo] get on the CoLoCo shirt wiki asap!

Andrew keen101 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 21:05:03 BST 2007

The confusion on the wiki can be blamed on me. :) Sorry. I don't edit
wiki pages much.

Neal McBurnett wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 24, 2007 at 05:59:27PM -0600, Jim Hutchinson wrote:
>> Two days before I need to submit something we finally get some discussion.
>> Well, better late than never.
> There's nothing like a deadline :-)
>> I'm still wondering if we want to silk screen anything on the back of a polo
>> shirt. I kind of think it will look tacky.
> I can go either way
>> As for color and such, they will do whatever we want but I think the price
>> breaks apply to each style. So if only 5 people order brown then it might be
>> more expensive than the 12 people who order black. Same with pocket T vs. polo.
>> If anyone is adamant about more choices then feel free to add a column on the
>> wiki for your preferences.
> But we should clarify - are those votes, or selections?
>> Regarding the slogan, a lot of good points made. The question is, are the
>> shirts for us to wear when proselytizing Ubuntu or to were when we hang out and
>> geek it up? I guess the same shirt could do both but for geeking it up I want
>> something more funny.
>> Maybe we need our professional Ubuntu shirts with stitched logo and a our
>> tshirt with silk screened slogan.
> Right.  I want both - a nice polo with a classy design, and a tshirt
> with lots of slogans, front and back, that will win newbies to our
> cause.
> Many of the newbies I want to work on don't know what Linux is either
> and don't want to.  But they do want to know that there is a cool
> thing called Ubuntu (both the African concept and the implications for
> computers) which is why I made some of my suggestions (see below).
> I agree that an Ubuntu phrase would be better than something about
> Open Source, which is a pretty obscure concept for most people.
>> Whatever we do someone needs to make a decision soon. If I'm making the
>> decision I'm going to go for a polo shirt with logo and no slogan. I'll also
>> order a silk screen tshirt if there is interest.
> And remember my original post about the shop on the Boulder Pearl
> Street Mall (north side, near Broadway?).  He prints slogans for
> walk-ins.  So you can put your own slogan on any shirt that you bring
> in.
>> As for the CoLoCo logo, do we have anything of a higher resolution? It may not
>> matter but just in case.
> I think it matters, but it depends on what size and placement you're
> talking about - a big logo in the middle of the front, or a little one
> on the left breast?  I doubt the small print with the domain name will
> work well in a small embroidered design.  In that case I'd go for
> the standard Ubuntu logo, for which I'm sure there are vector-graphics
> files on the web if you follow the links I put on the wiki.
> By the way, the wiki page on the shirt is now very confusing.  You
> asked originally for a vote, so I put a bunch of choices on there,
> with numbered and lettered lists so we'd know that "1" is for white,
> while "C" is the multi-line phrase
>      Ubuntu:
>       People are people through other people
>       Free software, free society. Share freely.
> But now there are two places on the page where the shirt is described
> - above the table and below it.  And the table itself makes it sound
> more like an order than a vote.  Confusing....
> But as long as the logo, whichever one is chosen, is readable and
> isn't an ugly jagged blown up version of some low-resolution file,
> I'm game.
> Thanks again, Jim!
> -Neal
>> SFD is up in the air at the moment. I have a request into Carl at System 76 to
>> see if he can swing the permit. Since they are sponsoring it will end up in
>> their lap sooner or later so I'm checking to see if they can pull it off. If
>> not, SFD is probably not going to happen. At least not with an official ( i.e.
>> with permit) booth. We can still show in our matching shirts and pass out CDs
>> like some techie Hare Krishnas.
>> Jim
>> On 8/24/07, David L. Willson <DLWillson at thegeek.nu> wrote:
>>     I would never do the words "Open Source".  Those words don't mean
>>     anything to non-gear-heads, I think.  I would do "Free Software" or
>>     "Linux", because I can't think of anyone I know that doesn't get Linux,
>>     but does get Open Source.  Linux seems to be more easily understood, and
>>     ~everyone~ knows, or can quickly figure out, what Free Software is.
>>     Let's use my own dear mum as an example:  My mother would have a hard
>>     time understanding the concept of "source", much less "open source", or
>>     why that matters.  She has an idea that Linux matters, from me, and that
>>     it doesn't suck, from using my computer, but I think she would
>>     intuitively grasp "Free Software", and it might be a short leap to
>>     explain why it matters.
>>     On Fri, 2007-08-24 at 15:14 -0600, Andrew wrote:
>>     > I don't know about anyone else, but I would want the quote to be
>>     > centered around Open Source, mostly for those who don't know what Linux
>>     > is at all.
>>     >
>>     > here's some things I found/and or came up with:
>>     >
>>     > something like:
>>     >
>>     >    >Idealism is for dreamers, what we have is reality! -Open Source
>>     >
>>     >    >Free of viruses. Free of cost. Free or restrictions. -Open Source
>>     >
>>     > I will keep looking on Ubuntu Forums or Google for neat quotes.
>>     > -Andrew
>>     >
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