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Hi All,

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> PXE Installation in Chicago Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 11:51:32 -0500 From: Jack
> ODonnell <jodonnell at worldcomputerexchange.org><jodonnell at worldcomputerexchange.org> To:
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> I'm the Chicago Coordinator for the World Computer Exchange.
> We are a 503c international education/technology organization.  Our main
> mission is to collect working computer refurbish them and send them to
> partners(Peace Corps, Rotary, USAID, UN, ministers of education etc)  in
> developing countries who place them in schools
> We install a modified version of Edubuntu on all machines,  Recently a
> linux programmer from Walgreens has created system for doing a PXE
> install.  Previously we installed via CDs
> We've tested the PXE install and it works well.  However our Linux
> programmer cannot attend our weekend events when we do the installation.
> I am very new to Linux.  I'm looking for people in Chicago who may be
> interested in helping out.  I've contacted Linux/Ubuntu groups in the
> city and haven't gotten any replies
> Currently we have 200 machines ready for installation.  These machines
> are headed for schools in the Dominican Republic and Haiti
> Thanks
> Jack ODonnell
> Volunteer
> Chicago Coordinator
> Regional Manager for Latin America
> 773 316 2944
> I've written to Jack.  I'm not available this weekend, but am available
next weekend.  Might a few others also be available next weekend?  Also, I'm
not a PXE expert, but I bet that if we got a few people together we could
figure it out and get things working for them.

What do you say?

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