[Ubuntu Chicago] How can we improve our events??

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Sat Feb 6 01:54:19 GMT 2010

Thanks Steve,

I agree that it would probably be best to have a wide range of different
events, including a mix of online and in-person. I'm not 100% on passing out
CDs in random areas...but I like the BWW idea. I would like to see some more
official events so I will be more motivated to help you all out with
specific things, or just get to know everyone more.


On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 7:49 PM, swoody <swoody at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> At our last Team Meeting, the idea was brought up that we could
> improve our events quite a bit to appeal to more members, and thus see
> higher turnouts. Many ideas were brought up, and it would be great to
> see how people feel about it. Should we orient our events in more of a
> social nature? Should we have more presentations? Should we really
> hunker down and focus on getting work done?
> One of the points I made in the meeting was that you can't please
> everyone 100% of the time. If we schedule all of our meetings to be
> geared in one direction or another, you're going to lose the people
> who were leaning the other way. I think it would be best if we gave
> our events a wide range of focus, so we can appeal to all people at
> one point or another. Such as having Jams where a certain topic could
> be covered, and then the rest of the time is getting down to business.
> Then we could hold other events, which may be more of a learning
> experience with presentations and more in-depth information. Then on
> the other side of the board, there would be events - maybe along the
> lines of an Install Fest, or Release Party - which would be much more
> social in nature, and would only focus on hanging out and maybe
> answering some basic questions here or there. Finally, we could have
> completely social events, maybe just going out around the city and
> passing around Ubuntu CDs, or just going to a Buffalo Wild Wings and
> hanging out. I feel this would give everyone at least *some* events
> that they would enjoy, and I feel that we would see a higher overall
> turnout. But that's just my $.02 ;)
> How do you guys feel? What would you like to see different about our
> events - or even the Loco in general? For those of you who were at the
> meeting, please also speak your mind here, so everyone else can hear
> your side.
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