[Ubuntu Chicago] Website Place Holder.

Montel Edwards mde at monteledwards.us
Wed Feb 3 00:05:26 GMT 2010

Thanks though, but Mike has already made a replica of tburke.us for me.

It would be nice though to view what you've got too.
Just something very minimal, white, and clean.
Small and quick to load also. I need the picture at
http://mjgreenwood79.byethost16.com/ also to be on it.

Please use as little GIMP as possible, I would like HTML so i can
change it around

On 2/2/10, Steven Van Setten <sgvansetten at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been a bit behind in reading the mailing list, and am upset that I
> missed the meeting, I'm going to put it in my calendar so I remember the
> next one.
> Montel,
>     I can put together a place-holder for you if you like. Just send me
> the content and copy for it and I'll get it together for you. Also, if
> you like I can send you some directions on how to do so yourself, it's
> pretty simple to do in the GIMP.
> Montel Edwards wrote:
>> Well I know how he made it.. it's just that he has a image and then a
>> black background.
>> I just don't know how to use an image manipulation program.
>> But i'll look into kompozer
>> On 1/30/10, Mike Greenwood <mjgreenwood at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> There is a great app called kompozer.
>>> Give that a shot.
>>> For something that simple you could make a 1 row 2 column table or just a
>>> single image.
>>> To help you can add the web developer tool bar to firefox.  This will
>>> allow
>>> you to view how pages are made.
>>> Again for something this simple just look at the page source under the
>>> "view
>>> menu"
>>> A last option is to go to that tburke website save it and then open it in
>>> Kompozer.  This will again allow you to see how
>>> he made it (and you can edit it enough to make it your own for something
>>> that simple)
>>> mike
>>> On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 7:34 AM, Montel Edwards
>>> <mde at monteledwards.us>wrote:
>>>> Hola,
>>>> I was wondering if any of you had any spare time you could help me
>>>> develop a very simple and  minimal domain placehold like
>>>> http://tburke.us. I asked him if it was OK if i copied but i didnt
>>>> know that it was just one image.. and i suck a lot at GIMP.
>>>> I just have an empty WP blog there and it's bothering me..
>>>> BTW, how's the development of ubuntu-chicago.org?
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