[Ubuntu Chicago] New Positions Page!

Draycen DeCator ddecator at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 05:16:39 GMT 2010

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the potential spam you've received tonight about updates from the
IRC meeting and changes to the Wiki. I just want to let everyone know that
we have added a new /TeamPositions page to our Wiki! This page will list
jobs that are necessary for the team to run smoothly, but anybody can do.
This gives new users a chance to easily get involved! Right now the list is
short, but if you can think of new jobs then feel free to add them.

Here is the URL: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChicagoTeam/TeamPositions

If you have any questions, then head to the IRC channel and I'm sure someone
will be able to help.

Have a great week!
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