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I agree with what you've mentioned regarding us "first-timers." I've never been to one of these before, and would really like to help out, but am not sure how, so any direction would be most helpful.

Oh yes, I am not a programmer (trying to learn as time permits), and I have done systems support, but in a Windows environment. I am a decent writer, so maybe that would be a direction I could take.

I'll see all of you there!

Rob Smith
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Will there be food/drinks? I am unsure of the room policy at the library. There is a place to eat there but not sure what everyone wants. It is schaumburg so there is practicly any kind of food one can dream.

I hope there will be something for people who have never been to a jam before :-P Do you need help setting up? As living a few mins away, I feel obligated to assist.

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Sure, Nathan and I can cover some advanced packaging stuff.

On another note, http://ubuntu-us.org/?q=node/14363. This is something for
people to work on as well. If you are great at writing, or really good with
wiki pages, oh man there is a bunch of work that you can do there.

Anything else people?

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