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There seems to be some tension over potential scrutiny for the neophytes among us.  As a relative newcomer to the Ubuntu community, I can relate to these concerns.  Rest easy with the assurance that you are in good hands.  This is what Ubuntu is all about!  You're making the effort to participate -- rest assured that your efforts will be met by those of more experienced 'nixers who will help acclimate you to the process.

Richard, Nate, Jim, et al. -- I think that these recent emails bespeak the need for one or more relatively introductory sessions re contributing to Ubuntu.  It seems clear that such presentations would set at ease those among us who feel anxiety over the depth of our involvement in Ubuntu thus far.  Could we possibly secure a position on the agenda for these discussions?


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I agree with you about the 'Jam-noob' stuff. This is my first Jam... Heck, my first Loco event of any kind. I'd really find it useful if there was something to ease us social-noobs into the process, and go over exactly what goes on.

As it has also been some time since I've done any kind of triaging/bug work, I think it would also be great if we could do a really quick refresher type course to make sure everyone has at least a basic understanding of what it is we'll be doing. I'm not talking about taking up too much time with this, as I wouldn't want it to detract from the main event and more advanced topics, but just something short and quick. I would also understand if I'm the only person there who isn't really familiar with this stuff, and you guys don't want to go over everything just for me. I'm a fast learner, and will catch up quickly.

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Will there be food/drinks? I am unsure of the room policy at the library. There is a place to eat there but not sure what everyone wants. It is schaumburg so there is practicly any kind of food one can dream.

I hope there will be something for people who have never been to a jam before :-P Do you need help setting up? As living a few mins away, I feel obligated to assist.

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Sure, Nathan and I can cover some advanced packaging stuff.

On another note, http://ubuntu-us.org/?q=node/14363. This is something for
people to work on as well. If you are great at writing, or really good with
wiki pages, oh man there is a bunch of work that you can do there.

Anything else people?

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