[Ubuntu Chicago] Global Bug Jam - Major Problems

Richard Johnson nixternal at kubuntu.org
Mon Jan 5 18:11:20 GMT 2009

Hey everyone,

I don't know why this wasn't noticed earlier, but we have a fairly
substantial problem. The problem is that the ID venue we were planning
on is not going to be available due to Kevin being out of town that same
weekend. Another problem, but not as major, is that there is a good
chance I will also be out of town either in Los Angeles with Kevin or
elsewhere. The same weekend of the Global Bug Jam is also the same
weekend of the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) in which Kevin and
I are supposed to be at. I am not 100% positive about that just yet.
That isn't the big problem. The problem is the venue. Without a location
that will allow us 24/2.5 access kind of makes our objective very

On top of that, I am not receiving feedback from interested parties, so
in one instance I feel I am wasting my break, or keystrokes in this
case. Please, if you are interested you need to speak up.

If I don't start hearing feedback soon, and a substantial amount of
feedback, I think I will pull cancel the Chicago Bug Jam that weekend
and head into Michigan and collaborate with them.


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