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Corey Gallon corey at coreygallon.com
Fri Dec 18 02:17:45 GMT 2009

Before we calendar recurring meetings, it would seem prudent to detail an agenda to substantiate the frequency of the meetings.  I, with Steve, would welcome somewhat frequently scheduled IRC meetings which bring a good portion of the loco together.  My initial curiosity, however, is whether we have enough to discuss to compel a monthly meeting.  For those who weigh-in on this henceforth, it would be useful to voice suggestions on the contents of an agenda.  To that end, I proffer the following agenda items and ideas on how the Chicago loco can organize to contribute, as a team, to our favorite Linux distro:

• Recent and ongoing contributions of loco members to Ubuntu (e.g. packaging, programming, bug triaging, etc ...)
• LoCo projects to contribute
• Upcoming loco events
• Upcoming Ubuntu events
• Technical topics for discussion (e.g. we could focus on a different subject each month such as packaging, development, kernel hacking, general programming, etc...)
• Ubuntu membership update (ideally we should band together as a loco to support loco members who are seeking Ubuntu membership, etc ...)
• General Linux update (upcoming kernel releases, etc ...)
• Broader technology discussion ...

Just a few thoughts.  I really think the way to ensure a successful meeting, though, is to push out an agenda and line up speakers / content to drive discussion before we meet.

Thinking aloud,

Corey (captivus)

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