[Ubuntu Chicago] what is freenode.chat?

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First, welcome to the Ubuntu community of Chicago. I've been using Ubuntu now for about a year and I really like it. I have to admit that I still have Windows around, but that is because I make money supporting it. Thank you Mr. Gates!

As others have mentioned, Freenode is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server. Think of IRC as a pre-AIM form of instant messaging. There are a number of IRC servers, freenode is but one, but that said, it is one of the more popular ones. Ubuntu-Chicago (actually #ubuntu-chicago) is the chat "room" for the Chicago Ubuntu LoCo Team.

Although Pidgin will work for IRC, it has always seemed a bit awkward to me. I much prefer an application called "X-Chat." This can be found in the Ubuntu respositories using either apt-get or Synaptic Package Manager. There is also a version for Windows available in case you are dual-booting and run into a problem getting to your Ubuntu installation.

I am including a link to a wiki page with some IRC commands to get you started. I hope that this helps you out.


BTW, the main Ubuntu group (#ubuntu) ALWAYS has a fair amount of traffic, so you can usually find assistance any time of day or night.

Peace out,


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Subject: [Ubuntu Chicago] what is freenode.chat?
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I have been using Ubuntu for 2 months now. So far I really like it. I am trying to find other people who use it. And learn more. 

What is chat.freenode? 
I have installed pidgin, but I have no clue how to become a registered user, or how to access this site.

Could some one please give me instructions.

Thank you,



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