[Ubuntu Chicago] Global Bug Jam participation?

Richard A. Johnson nixternal at kubuntu.org
Sun Jun 8 17:01:57 BST 2008

On Sunday 08 June 2008, Jim Campbell wrote:
| Hi All,
| I wanted to see if people would be interested in participating in the
| Global Bug Jam [1].  It seems like something that would be pretty easy to
| set up. Maybe we could have it out at COD or else see if HostedLabs or
| IIT/IoD might be willing to host us here in the city.

Lets shoot for the city if possible. I don't know how much longer my ties to COD 
will be at this point. I will continue going to the LUG meetings, but I don't 
know if I will still be an officer. However, I am sure that Carolyn England, 
the new advisor for the CODLUG, would be happy to host us if we needed a venue.

| Freddy and Nixternal, do you think you could make it to that event if we
| got it scheduled?  It would be good to have some bug-triage pros involved.

Count me in! I already told Eddie that we need to get involved in this. I am 
already scheduled to be the proxy between Kubuntu and KDE for the global bug 
jam. Jim has Xubuntu and Xfce covered. It would be nice to find an Ubuntu Gnome 
person with a good amount of bug triaging experience to also get involved. I 
know Gnometards are hard to find around here :P If we could cover the 3 main 
desktop environments, we could breakout into groups.

Anyways, lets get the ball rolling on this, once we have a solid venue we can 
work out the details.

Richard A. Johnson
nixternal at kubuntu.org
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