[Ubuntu Chicago] next meeting

Eddie Martinez eddiemartinez at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 17:01:18 BST 2007

SFD: This Saturday is Software Freedom Day. Richard, did you register
the loco up as a SFD team? Plans? Aside from the Chiglug guys getting
really drunk, I don't think I know of any events in Chicago for this


So far, we are aiming for a meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings .
date/times, agendas are TBD.

In all seriousness, we should set up a meeting for the next month or
so. This next meeting should be in the suburbs somewhere and somewhat
accessible by public transportation. I am all for Crazy Chicken after
the meeting, but we need to set one up first. Also, aside from Richard
Johnson's talk about World Domination, we are missing an agenda.

Loco Member Micheal Stemlle (Manchicken) was planning a Gutsy Gibbon
release party for Oct. 10th, iirc. This should coincide with the next
Ubuntu-Illinois meeting, as well as a showcase for this new home, but
I am unsure on the details. Mike, can you email the Team and tell us
what your plans for this?


Reply back and lets get started on some planning.

This has been an Eddie Martinez production.
<Please exit in an orderly fashion>

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