[Ubuntu Chicago] Gutsy / KDE4

Scott Lockwood scott at guppylog.com
Tue Oct 23 15:33:07 BST 2007

I thought ATI was mandated to release source code now that they are part
of AMD? Anyone know what the ETA to a free driver is? That's what I'm
waiting for...

On Tue, 2007-10-23 at 09:17 -0500, Tim Madden wrote:
> Please let me know how it goes if you turn on the restricted driver.
> I, too, have the ATI 200M in my Toshiba laptop.  I really regret not
> researching the hardware compatibility of this machine before I
> purchased it.  The 200M has been a problem from the start.  If I use
> the ATI driver, the machine won't resume from sleep, but if I use the
> open source driver, I have not 3D (which is generally more important
> than the sleep).
> The other touchy thing is the Intel HDA sound.  In feisty I had change
> the Alsa upgrade driver manually just to get it to work.  (and repeat
> it every time the kernel upgraded).  I hope that has been fixed in
> Gutsy.
> I should be excited about a new version of Ubuntu but frankly I expect
> that it will just hose everything for a few days.   
> Tim
> On Tue, 2007-10-23 at 07:23 -0500, Wally Valters wrote:
> > Sorry I missed the install party, but Im busy as all hell with work
> > etc.  I have question though (2 actually)
> > 
> > 1) I did a dist-upgrade and it totally borked my laptop, HP, ATI
> > 200M radeon, and Broadcom wireless.  I thin it was the restricted
> > driver for ATI but not positive.  I wiped the machine, did a clean
> > install, restored the /home partition then backed up the whole
> > system.  I turned on the restricted broadcomm driver and have
> > wireess (totaly painless i might add, really cool).  But I hesitate
> > ot do the same with the ATI driver. 
> > 
> > So, if I turn on the ATI restricted driver, and it hoses up the
> > machine, is there a way to undo it from the console.  I can remove
> > it from xorg.conf I know, but how do i keep the thing from loading
> > in the first place?  I used Envy to load the ATI driver in Feisty,
> > and it worked like a charm, so I can always fall back on that. 
> > 
> > 2) Nixternal, I saw your blog post on KDE4 and it looks real nice,
> > but the kubuntu.org description of enabling it is a little sketchy.
> > How about a little explanation on how to get KDE4 running for us ?
> > KDE4 is the reason I want a better driver running for my vid card,
> > its a little clunky right now. 
> > 
> > 
Scott Lockwood

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