[Ubuntu Chicago] First impressions of Gusty

RJ Marsan rjmarsan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 04:13:49 BST 2007

Heh, you didn't miss much, everyone missed it but me and Mr. Lee.
Ya know I figure I'll throw my two cents in...
I was very happy when my wireless card worked when I went through restricted
drivers manager, but honestly, the wifi reception couldn't be worse.  All of
a sudden I hardly get wifi in my livingroom where I once got full signal.
And i was amazed when the new codecs manager took into account my 64bit-ness
and installed nspluginwrapper for me. (stable-y too.)
overall its a huge step forward, at least for this dell.  but what the hell
with the wifi thing. grr.
originally i had a few problems with login but all of that has been fixed
with updates (ya know, normal beta problems)
overall I must say I'm proud of this release
anyone else wanna throw in their opinion?

On 10/16/07, Jason Crow <jcrowre at comcast.net> wrote:
>  All,
> I am sorry to have missed the meeting last Sunday due to it being the
> in-law's birthdays. I am not a developer, rather a power user who hates
> Microsoft and I have been using Ubuntu since the Feisty release.  I would
> like to share my experience with my upgrade to Gusty today.  I have a
> Gateway Turion 64X2 laptop with an ATI Xpress 1150 card and the broadcom
> BC-43XX wireless. I was running Feisty 64 bit with Compiz fusion from
> trevino's repository on XGL, using NDISWrapper for the wireless card. I used
> the alternate CD to upgrade to Gusty. With the upgrade, I did not change
> anything with the restricted drivers as I had the ATI one enabled and the
> wireless card was still working - I think with NDISWrapper. The new desktop
> effects were sort of working and I wanted to use CCSM. I had a hard time
> making it work because it was somehow installing the one from Trevino's
> repository, even though I had disabled it. After removing it and installing
> the correct one, everything worked, but there were only two sides to the
> cube which was easily fixed and some other settings that I needed to update,
> but my wallpaper and cube cap settings were still there.
> *Comments on other software*
> Openoffice 2.3 - Works fine
> Virtualbox - I had to recompile which was not hard to do as it prompts you
> what to do.
> Evolution - I recently changed companies and my current employer uses
> exchange, which has been driving me crazy by locking up evolution. The new
> version seems WAY faster and more stable. It also gives you the option to
> put the signature BEFORE the attached messages!
> Printing / Cups - I have had some intermittent problems with the network
> (windows) printers on feisty and gusty, but it seems to be working now.
>   Jason A. Crow
> *e-mail: jcrowre at comcast.net                *
> *Sent from my penguin powered laptop*
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