[Ubuntu Chicago] *This was on the Dec. 1st agenda but it can't wait*

Wally Valters deepsky99 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 12:42:29 GMT 2007

Well, I can help here if need be.  I am a ex developer (mainframe, J2EE,
compiler creation) current security guy.  I am more of a Java /.Net
developer, but I am rather fluent in Ruby and Perl as well.
There are a number of good CMS's out there we can just plug in and start
customizing.  I have played with Drupal a bit, and we could get that
runniing on a shared hosting account pretty quickly. Getting a shared
hosting account is pretty cheap, and I could foot the bill for that as my
contribution to the team.

On Nov 13, 2007 12:04 PM, Eddie Martinez <eddiemartinez at gmail.com> wrote:

> Has anyone had trouble connecting to our page? the chi ubuntu us page, I
> am refering to, not the team wiki. I keep getting 404 errors everytime I try
> to do anything on those pages, especially the Planet page which has been
> down for months. I didn't even realize that Chad Sutton was blogging for the
> past few months, because I forgot all about the planet and his blogopage.
> Chadarius DOT com for anyone who's interested, but this is besides the
> point.
> Richard opted to have Canonical host and maintain the Chicago Team server
> for us. So everytime he has an issue, he has to submit a ticket to them, and
> wait. And then wait some more. This is not a criticism of Canonical as a
> whole, but in my opinion, getting the server back in our control and online
> I've been going around to the various LoCo chans on IRC and we are one of
> the most active and put together groups out in the US. The international
> community is spanking us in terms of translating, bus squashing etc. But in
> the US, very few LoCos have more members in the IRC chan, talking and
> planning etc. Arizona has a good team and New York is very well organized,
> but aside from that, I think Chicago is one of the best. Top 3, easily. Also
> one of the first three ever.
> Here's the problem: We don't have a website. I'm not happy with it at all.
> I want flexibility, uptime, and the chance to edit content. Instead we are
> waiting for someone ELSE to do the work for us.
> I know there are server people on this list. I know there are hardcore
> Ubuntu developers on this list. I know there are people on this list who are
> working to migrate a server for Project Green (Patrick Green's project, im
> not creative with the names today). And we, as a team, don't have a
> substantial and effective or efficient website.
> The thought is ridicolous!
> Lanching Project 'Get the server back into our hands and under our
> control, ASAP'?
> +1
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