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Eddie Martinez eddiemartinez at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 07:19:35 GMT 2007

Patrick, just let me know if/when you do convert the computers. Any and all
technical issues you run into, attempted fixes, solutions etc. are
important. This way, I can keep a chronological report of what's done and
when it's done. I look forward to working on the systems at this school.


On 11/13/07, Patrick Green <patlgreen at gmail.com> wrote:
> I will be performing more Ubuntu installs on thursday as opposed to
> wednesday.
> When we do the install of the server we will also be given permission to
> install Ubuntu on a system in the computer lab and we are looking for an
> office worker to volunteer and have thier system converted as well.  I have
> purchased a copy of the Official Ubuntu Book 2nd Edition and will donate it
> to the library on Thursday as a student resource.  I realize there are many
> online references, but some people prefer books.
> Cheers
> Patrick
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