[Ubuntu Chicago] Christian Life College OOo update

Patrick Green patlgreen at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 03:02:10 GMT 2007

So that Eddie and the powers that be can keep record of all of this....
As of today, all the computers in the school now have OOo as opposed to
MSOffice.  This was an organic extension.  See, my students kinda like the
OOo and tend to save their homework on the default ODT setting.  ;)

When we do the servers, we are going to also convert one PC in the school
office to Gutsy and one in the computer lab to gutsy to start the migration
effort and take the fear out of this whole linux thing.  ;)

I will be at the campus this wednesday to perform some more installations.
I am not sure how many I am doing, but the school will definately be at a
15% total student body on Ubuntu ratio by wednesday...it MAY be 20-25%.
Solving the wireless thingy really upped interest.  ;)  I will update the %
of student body when I am done with my mini install fest on Wednesday.

Hee hee hee!  This is fun!


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