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Hi all,

On Nov 8, 2007 10:32 PM, Patrick Green <patlgreen at gmail.com> wrote:

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> We gotta start documenting this stuff.  Jim, please write down in detail
> here everything you can remember about Ashley's lap top.  Make brand
> problems solutions partitioning method, what brand deodorant you were
> wearing...everything.
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Setting up Ashlee's laptop was quite easy.  The Ubuntu live-cd installer
didn't have any problems.

The key thing that we did for her was to manually partition the disk, giving
her computer a separate /home partition.  I explained that the /home
directory is where all of your documents, spreadsheets, pictures, etc, are
stored, and that having a separate partition specifically for that directory
is kind of like building a special wall between your garage and your living

If something were to happen in the garage, say OldManStan* went a little
crazy with the power tools and really messed things up in there, you could
completely knock down the garage, build a new one, and everything in your
living room (where all your stuff is) would stay exactly the same.

If you didn't have a special wall between your garage and your living room
and OldManStan messed things up in the garage, you'd have to redo the living
room, too.  :(

Let me ask the loco team, does Windows use this "special wall," or even give
you the option of using it?

So, um . . .   Yeah.

Approximately, here's how we partitioned her drive:

Note: I think she had about an 80GB drive:
/boot partition:  98mb  (this amount of space should be fine for any
/ partition: ~20-25gb  (do others in the loco think this size is appropriate
for the root partition?  It's probably more than necessary - even 10-15 gb
should be more than enough.  Sorry, Ashlee...)
/home partition: ~55 gb
/swap partition: 756mb  (as a rule of thumb, a swap partition should be
about 1.5x the amount of RAM that is on the system.)

If the student has more or less space on their HD, they could adjust the
size of the /home partition accordingly.

When building a server, you may want to partition things differently - maybe
a separate partition for /etc or /var or /tmp, too - but the above is my
pretty standard set up for a desktop.

I don't know what kind of deodorant I was wearing.  Did I smell?


*OldManStan is not very likely to mess up a garage.
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