[Ubuntu Chicago] Chicago Area Aid?

Richard A. Johnson nixternal at kubuntu.org
Mon Nov 5 01:56:44 GMT 2007

On Sunday 04 November 2007, Patrick Green wrote:
| Hi All:
| Sorry I have not been around.  Life has been goofy.
| I need some help from any Chicago area members willing to help.
| As some of you know, I teach part time at a College in Mount Prospect,
| Illinois.  On Tuesday, I am going to the dorms to aid with a project.
| Basically, it is a small college and many of these kids do not have the
| money for software and aid.  In my class my students have been eating up
| OSS and have benefited from my help when they bring a viral ridden laptop. 
| So now I am offering that help to the entire student body.
| I like to help.  I am looking to offer some expertise.  This Tuesday I am
| heading to the student union in the dorms armed with lots of OSS and my
| wits.  I have a friend coming who is the frikkin queen of office software.
| MS Office, OOo, KOffice, ThinkFree...she can do it all like no one I have
| ever met.  So she will be my application how to consult.  Though he will
| not be there...I am having a sales Rep from Tiger Direct offering me
| special discounts for the students on hardware so I can address that issue.
| Now, is there anyone else who would be willing to eat some pizza, drink
| some soda, and hang with me on Tuesday night to aid some kids in Mount
| Prospect, Illinois?  Lemme know.

Time, location? I might have some time Tuesday night to make a fly by.

| Also.  I would like to add another proposal.  The school's server and
| network infrastructure is goofy.  No other way to describe it.  The school
| does not have it in the budget to get it fixed and I got them listening to
| me about Ubuntu.  Here is the thought and I was wondering if it could be
| feasible.

There are a couple of server dudes on the list I would like to speak up. I 
know a few of them maintain their own server installs and what not, and this 
could be a good push for them as well. I am in, no doubt!

| We as the CDhicago group install Ubuntu into the server and maintain
| it...we get to use the school's largest classroom AND computer lab for Loco
| meetings.  The only condition is all students of the school are welcome to
| attend and get Ubuntu installed in their systems and if there is a problem
| with the server, the school gets first priority when we have meetings.

Of course, the students first. This sounds great to me.

| I think free space is good.  The school is about a mile from the mount
| propect train station.  I also think this could make an outstanding case
| study for us to have on the wiki.
| So..anyone in for tuesday and what of the other idea?

Time and location and I will see about stopping by. I was thinking about 
checking out the LUG event at Harper, but your thing sounds cooler :)

Richard A. Johnson
nixternal at kubuntu.org
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