[Ubuntu Chicago] Chicago Area Aid?

Patrick Green patlgreen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 01:08:19 GMT 2007

Hi All:

Sorry I have not been around.  Life has been goofy.

I need some help from any Chicago area members willing to help.

As some of you know, I teach part time at a College in Mount Prospect,
Illinois.  On Tuesday, I am going to the dorms to aid with a project.
Basically, it is a small college and many of these kids do not have the
money for software and aid.  In my class my students have been eating up OSS
and have benefited from my help when they bring a viral ridden laptop.  So
now I am offering that help to the entire student body.

I like to help.  I am looking to offer some expertise.  This Tuesday I am
heading to the student union in the dorms armed with lots of OSS and my
wits.  I have a friend coming who is the frikkin queen of office software.
MS Office, OOo, KOffice, ThinkFree...she can do it all like no one I have
ever met.  So she will be my application how to consult.  Though he will not
be there...I am having a sales Rep from Tiger Direct offering me special
discounts for the students on hardware so I can address that issue.

Now, is there anyone else who would be willing to eat some pizza, drink some
soda, and hang with me on Tuesday night to aid some kids in Mount Prospect,
Illinois?  Lemme know.

Also.  I would like to add another proposal.  The school's server and
network infrastructure is goofy.  No other way to describe it.  The school
does not have it in the budget to get it fixed and I got them listening to
me about Ubuntu.  Here is the thought and I was wondering if it could be

We as the CDhicago group install Ubuntu into the server and maintain it...we
get to use the school's largest classroom AND computer lab for Loco
meetings.  The only condition is all students of the school are welcome to
attend and get Ubuntu installed in their systems and if there is a problem
with the server, the school gets first priority when we have meetings.

I think free space is good.  The school is about a mile from the mount
propect train station.  I also think this could make an outstanding case
study for us to have on the wiki.

So..anyone in for tuesday and what of the other idea?
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