[Ubuntu Chicago] <sarcasm>Nice Quote From IL</sarcasm>

Eddie Martinez eddiemartinez at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 01:26:17 GMT 2007

the argument is recursive. they are being held hostage by M$ and (the N word).

short sighted bad policy. il's finest politicians doing their best work.

On 3/13/07, Francisco <cyan255 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Gosh, new fangled com-puters in government offices!! Whats next ? A
> governement run by robots on the moon? When will these science
> experiments end?
> Oh well, we'll see what happens when the costs of hardware upgrades and
> software updates is published.
> More from the MS report:
> *http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/6/3/663a7263-fa86-4b66-a070-7009f3a6e3e1/State%20of%20Illinois%20case%20study_Final.doc*
> <quote>
> The State of *Illinois* decided to implement new desktop software as
> well as messaging standards. The effort began in 2005 with a careful
> examination of the products that made up its current environment.
> Members of the Department of Central Management Services evaluated
> systems from IBM, Novell, and Microsoft. "We decided against a system
> from IBM on the basis that it would not satisfy both our desktop
> application and messaging needs," says Matthews.
> Even though about half of all state users were on some version of Novell
> GroupWise for messaging, CMS did not pursue a Novell-based solution. "We
> felt as though Novell didn't have a desktop productivity offering that
> was right for us and that its position in the marketplace wasn't clearly
> defined," says Matthews. "Novell was in the process of changing out its
> fundamental platforms to incorporate *Linux* technology."
> CMS did not want to pursue a *Linux*-based system because it considered
> an open source system too risky to implement, given the organizational
> transition. "It would have meant too much pain for us to move to an open
> source system at this time," says Matthews. "In government, IT is all
> about consistency and reliability. So for us, stacking up mismatched
> parts doesn't make good business sense in terms of usability.
> "We needed a more well-defined, proven solution, so standardizing on
> Microsoft technology fit us best. Microsoft provided the most
> consistent, most reliable approach because of its strong market presence
> and the integration between desktop applications and messaging."
> </quote>
> It leaves me wondering
> Just where is this "integration between desktop apps and messaging" in
> windows that makes it unique?!
> Francisco
> Randy Wilson wrote:
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> > I saw this on a Slashdot post from an article in the WSJ:
> >
> > 'The State of Illinois recently consolidated its IT systems onto
> > Microsoft software -- and has no interest in using Linux, says Paul
> > Campbell, director of the state's Central Management Services
> > department. "We don't have time for science projects in state
> > government," he says.'"
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