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Samir Faci sfaci at cs.uic.edu
Tue Mar 6 20:59:46 GMT 2007

I just wanted to update everyone in the Ubuntu project on the status of
Flourish as well as furnishing some additional details.

For anyone who wishes to have a table at the conference, there is a
voluntary $250 donation which includes the donator's logo on the sponsor
website, their logo will be put on all the programs that will be printed,
and if t-shirts are ordered (depending on availability of funds) their logo
will be on the t-shirt design.

Again, it is a voluntary donation.

We will provide you with table and space to do with as you'd like.  Some
people are using it to showcase products, collect resumes or anything they'd
like to use the space/time for.

We have an open tech talk still available and I was wondering if the Chicago
Ubuntu team would be interested in giving a tech talk at the event.

Samir Faci
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