[Ubuntu Chicago] Directory Server

Antonio Sosa asosa at ansotech.com
Mon Mar 5 22:45:18 GMT 2007

So I have a preliminary Directory server working with Sabayon Profiles.
Not pretty but works. Copies the Sabayon profile from remote LDAP to
local client computer using SCP during login and then lets user login.
Speed is a bit slow. Possibly due to the fact I am running it all in VMs
for testing. I think tomorrow I'll try it out on a couple pcs in the
datacenter. If it works, I think the next step would be to make a
checksum so that login script does not copy the profile every time to
remote pc but first checks to see if the version on LDAP repository is
newer and then does the copy - if not then uses the locally cached
If anyone else is interested, let me know and I will keep you informed
otherwise I'll take it off topic.

Thank you,


Antonio Sosa
http://www.ansotech.com <http://www.ansotech.com/> 
Cell Phone: 773-406-3663
Telephone: 877-389-8728




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