Ubuntu-Chicago meeting on tuesday

Freddy Martinez freddymartinez9 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 03:27:30 GMT 2006

for anyone who has never used IRC, go open up either XChat or Konversation
and connect to the default server. You'll end up in either #ubuntu or
#kubuntu and be called ubuntu or kubuntu or something like that. You'll want
to type "/join #ubuntu-chicago" and you'll be in our channel. You may want
to register your nickname, you don't want to be ubuntu or kubuntu for the
chat.type /nick [your nick] to change your name. then type "/msg NickServ
help register" and follow those instructions.

On 11/12/06, John Becker <jleebecker at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Tuesday:
>   I've never used IRC (or chat or IM). If someone would tell
>   me which application to use and the process to log on, I
>   will probably "lurk".
> New members:
>   I am reading "Beginning Ubuntu Linux" which came as an
>   interlibrary loan from another town. When I return it, it
>   will have several  bookmarks in it referencing our group.
> Quick small meetings:
>   The Elmhurst Public Library has small meeting rooms that
>   seat six around a table. Use of wired or wireless internet
>   requires an EPL card. The EPL is convenient to PACE/CTA &
>   METRA.
> Dec 23:
>   This could be a tough date what with family obligations.
>   I wonder if day in the downtime between the holidays
>   might not work better.
> Lee
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