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Richard Johnson nixternal at ubuntu.com
Sun Nov 12 18:30:16 GMT 2006

On Sunday 12 November 2006 12:04, Mister Guy wrote:
> It's nice to see that we are all on the same page w/ wanting to recruit
> people to Linux I've done it myself, my brother and a friend they love
> it.  I work at a computer store.  Everybody that walks in with a virus &
> windows crashing problem I give them an alternative Ubuntu.  So I would
> like to get my hands on some of the Cd's let me know where I can pick up
> a couple.  I would also like to promote it more in schools. If anybody
> has any inside scoop at schools.  That way we can offer it.
> Best Regards
> Mister Guy
> Changing the world to Linux One Computer at a time.

Mister Guy,

Rocking! Are you around the DuPage area at all? I am usually at school quite a 
bit, College of DuPage. It is good to see another person promoting Ubuntu and 
Linux as well. We need a lot of people to help out, and one more is great to 
have. Maybe we can set something up for the upcoming weeks to get you some 
CDs. Thanks, and talk to you soon!

.:Richard Johnson
.:nixternal at ubuntu.com
.:ubuntu.com .:kubuntu.com .:edubuntu.com .:xubuntu.com
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