Ubuntu-Chicago Edgy & Firefox 2.0

John Becker jleebecker at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 6 01:47:50 GMT 2006

At the 10/28 meeting I noted that the upgrade to Edgy
went well but Firefox had NOT been upgraded to 2.0. Well,
others in the vast Ubuntu community had the same
problem and provided guidence and solutions.

Those of us whose original installation was Breezy, had
Firefox in /opt/firefox. Dapper & Edgy installed Firefox
in /usr/lib/firefox but the link in /usr/bin still called the
original /opt/firefox.

Adjusting /usr/bin/firefox allowed the removal of the
1,5 version and the menu, toolbar, and desktop links
now call v2.0.

The thing I most like about Edgy is that Power Management
now supports Suspend. The last distro using Gnome
that did that for me was Blag.


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