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Mon Nov 5 03:58:52 UTC 2018

hello fine people! Lately I've been working on a tshirt design using 
artwork that was previously done by a member of our team and by using 
GIMP, I was able to create a simple design with some slight 
modifications to the original artwork so that it works with the color of 
the first design. Several details need to be discussed here. First of 
all, this shirt and any future merchandise that I can create, won't be 
for profit. It's all going to be sold at cost which I think is how much 
it costs for the printing service to make the merchandise and the cost 
of shipping. No profits at all. I'm working with two services at the 
moment to get this started and going forward, I'm hoping to be able to 
go down to one and that's going to be a local printer. Custom Ink, which 
is an online printing service, and a local company called Splattered 
Ink, LLC., here in Apple Valley. Custom Ink offers no minimums only on 
one, maybe just a couple more, categories so that's going to be very 
limited in use and since everything else has a minimum amount before the 
order can be placed, I'll go to the local printer and then collect 
orders from the team and then when the minimum gets met, the order gets 

Now, for the design, the one I'm showing here is just one of many that I 
can do so if you've got a color choice you'd rather have, for the color 
of the tshirt, logo and/or writing, then just let me know and I can 
custom make it for you. Ubuntu Cali Tshirt 

I'm doing this so we can promote Ubuntu and the team even better than 

Once I get the method of payment configured, those details will go out 
as well.

And don't forget to come hang out on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. 
I'm a new admin for both accounts and it's been great to have that 
outlet because I love promoting something this much. It's just like my 
love for music and the experiences I've had in the music world. I'd like 
to thank Lyz and Nathan for that opportunity and I hope I make the 
entire community proud and please, please let me know if I need to 
improve something. I'm all ears for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, or negative, 
I can take that, too, lol, about anything.

In closing, the community gets better with communication because a 
community exists on communication. A city of people who don't talk to 
one another is just a city of people living together. A city, county, 
state or country becomes a community when we communicate. Let's do that.

Until next time, keep it free. Keep it secure. Keep it fast. Keep it Ubuntu.

Charlie Luna

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