[Ubuntu-US-CA] proposal to change meeting time

Charlie contact at charlieluna.com
Tue Mar 20 15:51:42 UTC 2018

i'm wanting to get some feedback on this to see what the consensus is. 

my issue is that i miss a lot of meetings due to my work hours and schedule and i really do miss participating. i'd like to propose the time be changed to an earlier time in the day, say 3pm? i know a lot of us are probably busy at that time but this time change would help me be there.

i joined the group to participate and learn and, currently, my work's getting in the way of that. 

so if we could bring this to a vote, for either a yes or no, that'd be great. if the time remains the same, so be it. i'll make do and just alter my schedule accordingly so i can be there. thanks!

charlie 'metalbiker' luna

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