[Ubuntu-US-CA] happy holidays!

charlie contact at charlieluna.com
Mon Jan 1 00:02:51 UTC 2018

hey everyone! i hope everyone's doing well and having a good time 
tonight and looking forward to a great new year. we've got a great year 
ahead with the release of ubuntu 18.04 LTS and my daily build testing of 
it are going good.

i think that 2018 will be a breakthrough year for all of us in many 
areas and I wish nothing but success, happiness and joy for all of you 
and part of having that is using the best OS in the world which is 
Ubuntu, of any flavor.

I think our team is awesome and with Nathan Haines taking the sole lead 
role in this great big endeavor, I know we've got some awesome things to 
come. I do plan to get back into having Ubuntu Hours now that my work 
hours are going back to normal..phew..and doing way more promotional 
work for Ubuntu.

on that note, take care of yourselves, be safe, have fun, drink one for 
me and let's hit the ground running in 2018.

Charlie "metalbiker" Luna

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