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Wed Dec 12 11:54:55 UTC 2018

hello Jim! Welcome back! Allow me to introduce myself as well. My name's Charlie Luna. I've been with the team now for almost three years and I'm located here in Apple Valley, way south of you, near San Bernardino. 

Some ways you can help are to have Ubuntu Hours, being active on the Ubuntu California twitter and facebook accounts (I'm an admin of both accounts and you can search for our FB page and Twitter account), hosting events such as installfests or whatever you can dream of. We've got Scale 17x coming in March (if memory serves me correctly), and we'll have our booth there and we'll be having our UbuCon at the same time and I know we need volunteers to help with the booth. 

One of the ways that I'm promoting our team is by making clothing (such as the awesome shirt I made for myself a few weeks ago with our team logo, albeit with some of my own mods to it, and having it printed on a shirt and wearing it and answering any and all questions about the website and team. 

I mentioned above about having Ubuntu Hours. Those are fun to do and you just dedicate an hour of your time at a location of your choice and if you go to meetup.com, you can sign up for that service and then use our team account (I mist admit that I haven't been able to visit our meetup account in some time) to post your Ubuntu Hour.

Plus just hanging out on our IRC channel and talking with the crew.

An idea I've got that I'm going to be working on once I return home from Los Angeles is to make some team-oriented stickers and a few more items to hand out whenever and wherever I can.

If you desire a t-shirt, I can show you what I made and help you get one as well. Just let me kno. I can also point you to the source of the graphics files we've got stored in our launchpad account so you can take those and make whatever you desire as well.

Other ideas for you: just about anything you can think of. There's no limit to what you can do to help. I know we discuss each new release at our meetings and if you like, you can pick up a copy of the latest daily build from cdimage.ubuntu.com (be warned though, lately the images have been having issues with the installer crashing upon startup/reboot when you're beginning the installation process. I got told it has something to do with changes in the CSS coding on the server and it affected some of the builds especially with the installer (ubiquity for one since I use kubuntu, but ubiquity may be the installer across all versions of Ubuntu anyway, I should know this by now, whether it is or not, but I don't). If you do the QA testing, you can let us know in our meetings how it's going for you. I know there's a page for QA to log your testing outcomes but I can't remember the address at the moment. 

Any questions, comments, suggestions, anything, let us know here on the mailing list. I'm exited to see new people come aboard and I look forward to more conversations with you.

Oh, I'm known as hangar18 on IRC.

Charlie Luna 


> On Dec 12, 2018, at 00:29, Jacky Alciné <jackyalcine at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Jim! Nice to meet you!
> Now I feel compelled to introduce myself too. I'm out in Northern California myself. In Oakland (like two hours from ya!)
>> On Tue, Dec 11, 2018, 11:43 PM Jim Nessen <nessenj at jimsoffice.org wrote:
>> Howdy everyone...
>> I’ve been a lurker for awhile now and just rejoined the team on launchpad.  I just wanted to see how I could help out the group, whether it be providing resources for hosting stuff, or whatever!
>> I plan on hopping into IRC in the next few days to say hi!
>> I am located in Northern California (live in Dixon and work in Sacramento).
>> Thanks!
>> Jim
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