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Sat Dec 1 16:18:53 UTC 2018

Hey folks! I wanted to bring this up to all of you because I've been 
sitting here in my office and this idea just came to me and it's amazing.

The holidays are coming. A lot of people have the means to get things 
for others. A lot of people struggle to even find food for the day. With 
the latter I'm more concerned about here. All of us sit here in front of 
our computers reading this email. We bought the computer and put Ubuntu 
on it so we could have all of the benefits of it and have some 
participation in its continuing mission. To be secure, to be free, to be 
fast, to be open.

Take that ability you've got and apply it to the people who're in need. 
I propose this. Look around you and find a computer that you don't use 
anymore. Ask yourself, does it still work? Would it work with Ubuntu? If 
you said yes to both questions, AWESOME! Now, take that computer, ask 
this..do you need it for anything? If yes, then ok. If no, do this instead.

Donate it to someone in need. Think about it. What better way to empower 
someone than with a computer with the best operating system in the world 
installed on it? Imagine handing a used laptop to a person that gives 
them access to the internet, word processing and other 
productivity/office software, email, games, and whatever else they need 
to make their lives easier.

Imagine that homeless person who camps out down the street from you. 
Imagine that person getting a laptop from you and you help them use it 
and you tell them where they can get free wifi service such as a library 
or coffee shop. Imagine that person being able to contact a homeless 
shelter, or family, for help? Or they fill out a job application online 
and they get a chance to work somewhere. Then that helps them apply for 
a place to live.

Imagine what we can do by just doing that?

Sure, what they do with the laptop/desktop computer after you give it to 
them is up to them. We can all hope that that person takes it and uses 
it for good reasons to get them back to a healthy, happy and productive 
life. But if not, that's their choice. Not ours.

So for this holiday season, I encourage you to take an older laptop or 
desktop that you don't use anymore and put Ubuntu on it. Find someone 
who needs computer access. Give it to them for free. Give them a chance 
at a better life. With software that's always free, safe, fast and open. 
We know its benefits. Give those benefits to someone who needs it.

Bless you all and I hope you consider this and follow through. I'm going 
to do it. Will you?

Charlie "hangar18" Luna

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