[Ubuntu-US-CA] Ubuntu California meeting on Sunday, January 22nd, at 7pm PST

George Mulak GMulak at AmericanFinancialTax.com
Tue Jan 24 19:54:34 UTC 2017

Thank you Nathan.  Always appreciate your leadership.  

George Mulak  

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On 01/21/2017 01:18 PM, George Mulak wrote:
> Hi!
> I would like to talk about SCaLE 15X and coordinating it.

Hi George!

All good questions.

I submitted a community funds donation request a couple of days ago, and I will get a list of other booth supplies needed to Michael Hall in the next day or two so he can coordinate getting Ubuntu computers from certain sponsors to SCALE for the Ubuntu booth.  This should look more or less like the booth did last year.

Incidentally, this kind of logistical assistance from Canonical is almost completely invisible because it overlaps what we've done for ourselves in the past.  But the burden this lifts from my shoulders and Richard Gaskin's shoulders is immeasurable.  It's not exactly difficult work, but it frees us up to look at big picture stuff and talk out little details while not having to be the ones to implement them.

Plus, they have a lot of institutional knowledge because they've been to many conferences and organized more booths than we have.  So while UbuCon Summit at SCALE is very different in a lot of ways from what UbuCon Europe was in Essen, Germany this last year (and I was so jealous of what they accomplished!) we have a team of people who are helping to make both events 1) awesome and 2) uniquely special.

For instance, while Richard was instrumental in talking to business owners on the ground and finding who was interested in serving as social event venues, Canonical took care of sponsorship and payment and that sort of coordination.

> I would also like to talk about Ubucon.  Who is going to be there, etc.

EVERYONE is going to be there!  ;)  We had a pretty big turnout last time.  I don't remember the exact numbers.  I'll have to see if I can dig them up.  As far as speakers, we have a keynote speaker and Canonical will be coordinating with that sponsor to make the announcement on our social media and their social media at the same time.  When it's announced, you'll know.  We're also looking for more community speakers via the SCALE CFP form.


> I would like to know what has already been done, etc.

Richard and I are working together with Ilan from SCALE and Michael Hall and Alan Pope from the Canonical Ubuntu Community Team to reach out to keynote speakers and sponsors, aside from the call for papers we currently have active.  The hope is to have the ubucon.org site up and ready by February 1st.  Anything I don't manage to do, Michael Hall will probably do.

The booth is pretty much on auto-pilot.  This will be our tenth year at SCALE and the booth has always been a success.  I'll be handling all of the logistics of getting supplies, but I have a big box full of stuff in the closet that's been built over the last couple of years, and Canonical will wrangle the display systems (other than the one you can provide, George).  What we need most are volunteers to man the booth, and that's something I don't worry about because year after year we have volunteers from California and neighboring LoCos who volunteer their time and are just awesome.  Plus, any employees that Canonical sends like to come and hang out, too, aside from their domain expertise, we have really good gap coverage for our volunteer team.

To my extreme gratitude, I've never had to worry about booth volunteers. 
  The Ubuntu community in California has never failed me over the last decade.

Nathan Haines
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