[Ubuntu-US-CA] Ubuntu Hour Apple Valley

charlie contact at charlieluna.com
Sat Aug 19 21:43:56 UTC 2017

hey guys! Ubuntu Hour Apple Valley has finally kicked off but I got here 
a bit late and I still need to keep my end time @ 15:00 PDT. Next time I 
get to do this, I'll make sure to be on time but I came straight here 
after an appointment that ran late but come by. I'm at Starbucks, 12218 
Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley, CA 92308. I'll post any pics I've got 
when I get a chance to do so! I'm considering an IRC channel for this so 
I can do a live IRC chat when I do this so if there's anything I need to 
do for that, such as not having the channel on a certain server such as 
freenode (where our ubuntu channels reside) or if I should have that 
specific channel on that server, please let me know. I want to engage as 
many people as possible with this and I need some feedback.

Charlie 'metalbiker' Luna

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