[Ubuntu-US-CA] Books[1], etc. for ...

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Mar 9 05:36:54 UTC 2016

Books[1], etc. for ...

I've got 5 new titles I received 2016-03-03 (only qty. 1 or 2 of each)
plus only two remaining titles I received earlier (and only qty. 1 of
each of those remain).
If you are or may be interested, see [1]
I'll be attending both
Ubuntu Hour San San Francisco[2]
Bay Area Debian (BAD)[3]
meetings tomorrow.  I'm not planning to schelp all 6 physical titles
with me tomorrow, so depending what responses I see in email on the
list(s) (and emailing me and not to any relevant list doesn't count)
before I head out the door tomorrow morning, or if I see nothing
relevant by then, I'll randomly select ... anyway, based upon whichever,
I'll bring at least two physical titles with me, and up to a max of
perhaps as many as 4.

"Must be present to win" - I'm not going to hold books for people that
don't make it to meetings - especially while denying said book(s) to
those that do make it to meetings - so don't ask.  So, if you want to
get hold of one of these titles, from me, you need to actually make it
to a meeting.

If you don't manage to catch me at one of the meetings mentioned above,
there are other opportunities in near future to similarly catch me[4],
and potentially get such a title for yourself from me at some other
future meeting.

1. https://www.wiki.balug.org/wiki/doku.php?id=balug:books_and_publications
3. http://bad.debian.net/
4. e.g.:
    2016-03-13 http://berkeleylug.com/meetings/
    2016-03-15 http://www.balug.org/#2016-03-15
    2016-03-17 http://www.buug.org/

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