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Larry larrywhitchcock at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 16:43:32 UTC 2015

Folks:  Elizabeth encouraged me to reach out to the users group, so here 
I am.  Previous conversations are included for background.  Is there 
anyone here who could meet up with me / who might be able to help with 
this issue (*bold*)?  Thanks in advance.  Larry

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Subject: 	Re: ubuntu help
Date: 	Fri, 16 Jan 2015 10:45:04 -0800
From: 	Larry <larrywhitchcock at gmail.com>
To: 	Elizabeth K. Joseph <lyz at ubuntu.com>
CC: 	Philip Ballew <philipballew at ubuntu.com>

Elizabeth/Philip:  I'm in Carlsbad, would be willing to travel a couple 
hours if I really thought someone could help me.  See below for more 

*The touch pad on my computer has been an area of frustration for me.  
It's too sensitive for me to use as I'd like.  There are a couple items 
I'd like investigated.  As a reminder I have Ubuntu 14.04 installed as 
the OS. **
**1) I would like to be able to disable the touch pad, and just use the 
mouse.  From my on-line research, I've found that windows offers that 
option, and apparently so does Ubuntu.  I can't find that command option 
on my computer anywhere.  It may exist, I just can't locate it.  It 
looks like there is a way to add that command option, in the event it's 
not there.  There was some on-line discussion about having the touch pad 
automatically disable itself, only while typing.  That option should be 
explored, or at least have it available in the software.  A point to 
consider however; I could think of a situation where I might open my 
computer (with the touch pad disabled) without having the mouse affixed; 
hence I would be unable to use the computer, even temporarily.  Please 
help me think through those types of situations. **
**2) The touch pad on my daughter's Macbook works differently than the 
one on my computer.  On my computer, running or scrolling my finger on 
the touch pad moves the cursor; the same is true on the Macbook. The 
difference however, "clicking" a command with my computer only requires 
a very slight touch (tap); a "soft click" so to speak.  It senses the 
"command" long before I actually press and hard "click" the touch pad.  
On the Macbook, you have to press the touch pad ("hard click"), you feel 
and hear a "click", then the command is activated.  My touch pad does 
have the the hard press "click" as part of the hardware.  Possibly, 
there is a software program that would allow the hard click option, it 
seemed to be discussed in some on-line forums. **
**Having both  1 and 2 options available would be a real help to me. **
I live in Hamilton, NY; home of Colgate University.  I'm a graduate of 
Cornell University; my wife St. Bonaventure University.  Now retired.  
Not missing the cold at all.  My daughter did undergrad work at CSU San 
Marcos; now attends University of New England School of Pharmacy in 
Portland, ME.  She was out here for the holidays.  I suspect she'll be 
back to California once she starts her career.  Eldest son lives in San 
Marcos, CA.  Thanks for any help.  Larry

On 01/16/2015 10:28 AM, Elizabeth K. Joseph wrote:
> Hi Larry,
> I've only ever been to San Diego once, so I'm not really familiar with
> the area. I'm including Philip Ballew on this email, he goes to school
> down there and may be able to point you in the right direction. If
> not, you're welcome to email the Ubuntu California mailing list to ask
> folks there, I know we have several contributors from the San Diego
> area:ubuntu-us-ca at lists.ubuntu.com.
> Smart move to spend winters in San Diego, I lived in Rochester and the
> Finger Lakes region for a couple years and the winters were brutal,
> even compared to where I grew up in Maine! :)
> On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 10:00 AM, Larry<larrywhitchcock at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Elizabeth:  Hi, my name is Larry Hitchcock.  I live in upstate NY, spend
>> winters in north San Diego County.  I have a new Lenovo Ideapad with Ubuntu
>> 14.04 OS; on a good day I am a novice.  The very sensitive touch pad on my
>> computer is problematic.  I'm looking for a place (storefront, corporate
>> business, small personal business) to go, with my computer (north San Diego
>> County), where a Ubuntu expert could help me.  Any ideas?  Thanks for your
>> time.  Larry

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