[Ubuntu-US-CA] Call for Ubuntu California LoCo Team leadership nominations

Robert Wall robert at rww.name
Fri Jan 2 03:08:02 UTC 2015

Good evening,

The election for Ubuntu California's leadership has now concluded,
with the following results:

1. Nathan Haines (nhaines) (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all
other choices)
2. Melissa Draper (elky) loses to Nathan Haines (nhaines) by 12–3
3. Brendan Perrine (ianorlin) loses to Nathan Haines (nhaines) by
12–3, loses to Melissa Draper (elky) by 9–6
4. Philip Ballew (philipballew) loses to Nathan Haines (nhaines) by
11–5, loses to Brendan Perrine (ianorlin) by 10–7

Therefore, Nathan, Melissa, and Brendan are our leaders for the next
year. You may view more detailed results, including an anonymized list
of ballots cast, at

Thank you to Nathan, Melissa, Brendan, and Philip for running, and
thank you to Elizabeth and Philip for serving as leaders with me this
last year.


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