[Ubuntu-US-CA] Ubuntu 15.04 is coming! It's time for release parties!

Nathan Haines nhaines at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 8 09:10:16 UTC 2015

It's time once again to celebrate a new Ubuntu release.  Ubuntu 15.04 is 
coming on April 23rd, and in addition to tons of updates to our favorite 
desktop applications, it also includes a new init system, systemd, which 
will lead the way to significant performance improvements--particularly 
on the server and snappy Ubuntu Core.

For every Ubuntu release the community organizes parties all over the 
world. At these parties everyone is welcome and we get together to 
celebrate, meet new friends and often introduce people new to Ubuntu to 
our community and our Operating System. Release parties are not only a 
great way to meet people but they are a lot of fun!

If anyone is interested in organizing a release party in California, I'd 
like to hear about it.  We should also get it registered on the LoCo 
portal at http://loco.ubuntu.com/.

The release is coming up very soon, but even small get togethers at 
coffee shops and restaurants can be fun and provide a way for 
established community members to socialize as well as a chance for 
curious and prospective Ubuntu users to meet local users and ask 
questions.  Every event helps raise awareness about Ubuntu.

So register your event on the LoCo portal and tell the rest of the team 
about it here.  We'll be happy to cheer you on and offer advice or 
answer questions if needed!

Nathan Haines
Ubuntu - http://www.ubuntu.com/

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