[Ubuntu-US-CA] Failing/failed hard disk advice

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Jun 17 09:25:03 UTC 2014

0) Backup
0.1) test (at least statistically) backups
0.2) offsite backups & rotations thereof
1) Check if it's covered under warranty, if data isn't to be recovered
    or worth recovering from the drive, one may at least get the drive
    replaced, generally for not more than cost of shipping the drive to
    Seagate.  You can check warranty status on-line by mfg. date, period
    may be longer based upon purchase date with proof of purchase.  Might
    not be fast in replacement time, but often better than eating entire
    cost of replacing drive.  Be sure to check Seagate's recommendations
    on testing/confirming issue, return procedures, etc.  If it's
    sufficiently recent enough, store/vendor where purchased might even
    cover replacement.
1.1) Hard drives die, sometimes/often with zero advance warning.
    Specific manufacturer isn't the largest correlating factor - largest
    correlating factors are generally specific lots of specific models of
    drives from specific manufacturers.
2) If it's not under warranty, can do about whatever one wants with it
    to try to recover - at least if one's not too worried about getting
    the data back.
2.1) "External" hard drive - yeah, rather a misnomer.  It's
    a(n internal) hard drive in an (external) enclosure with some type of
    interface.  More options and/or information may be available
    interfacing directly to the hard drive itself - that's almost always
    the case for "modern" "external" hard drives, unless possibly where
    the interface is eSATA to a SATA drive (in which case the signals
    pass directly through).
3) Not really Ubuntu specific, but there are various tools that might
    possibly be useful - but really depends what kind of shape the drive
    is in.
4) Just because you can't access the data doesn't mean nobody else can.
    Was it securely encrypted?  Does it need to be securely disposed of
    or wiped, even if not operational?
5) Can try various lists that may be more, e.g. Linux general (doesn't
    sound like Ubuntu issue) and/or more hardware-oriented.
6) Some the stories, etc. at BALUG today may be informative/useful

> From: "Grant Bowman" <grantbow at ubuntu.com>
> Subject: [Ubuntu-US-CA] Failing/failed hard disk advice
> Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 00:00:08 -0700

> My new friend who is trying Ubuntu with a disk from Lyz (thanks Lyz) just
> sent me an email. An external hard drive Seagate (1TB, model #: srd0sp0,
> newegg carries them for $79) with USB interface is not mounting
> automatically. When plugged into the MacBook Pro computer a slight clicking
> sound is heard, then it gets quiet and the light starts blinking.
> I don't know how much travel this drive has done. Some person on the
> internet took theirs apart:
> http://stx.lithium.com/t5/Backup-Plus-and-Seagate-Slim/Backup-Plus-Blinking-Light/td-p/176962
> We will try rebooting and mounting on other computers and try to see the
> partitions and filesystems tomorrow. Perhaps the moral of the story is to
> buy Western Digital or another manufacturer? Other thoughts?
> Thanks for ignoring this post or redirecting me to a more appropriate place
> if you think it's off-topic.
> Grant

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