[Ubuntu-US-CA] Failing/failed hard disk advice

Grant Bowman grantbow at ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 17 07:00:08 UTC 2014

My new friend who is trying Ubuntu with a disk from Lyz (thanks Lyz) just
sent me an email. An external hard drive Seagate (1TB, model #: srd0sp0,
newegg carries them for $79) with USB interface is not mounting
automatically. When plugged into the MacBook Pro computer a slight clicking
sound is heard, then it gets quiet and the light starts blinking.

I don't know how much travel this drive has done. Some person on the
internet took theirs apart:
We will try rebooting and mounting on other computers and try to see the
partitions and filesystems tomorrow. Perhaps the moral of the story is to
buy Western Digital or another manufacturer? Other thoughts?

Thanks for ignoring this post or redirecting me to a more appropriate place
if you think it's off-topic.

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