[Ubuntu-US-CA] Leadership Document amendment: Decisions on non-agendized topics during IRC meetings

Robert Wall robert at rww.name
Sun Jun 15 19:21:07 UTC 2014


I request comment on an amendment to Ubuntu California's Leadership
Document [1]. The intention of this amendment is to make sure that IRC
meetings do not take action on topics without the input of all relevant
stakeholders, by setting a limit on how close to the meeting time items
can be added to the meeting agenda, and specifying that action may not
be taken on non-agendized [2] topics.

Unless otherwise requested, I will bring this amendment (or a superior
alternative offered in reply) up for discussion and action at the June
29th team meeting. As our leadership document does not specify a
particular process for amendments, I suggest that its adoption be
decided by rough consensus as detailed in section C.

=== Begin Amendment Text ===

This amendment incorporates a new section C 3 in the "Structure" area of
Ubuntu California's Leadership Document:

	3. To ensure that all members have a chance to give input, action may
not be taken during IRC meetings on items added to the meeting agenda
less than 48 hours in advance. In addition, action may not be taken
during IRC meetings on items not added to the meeting agenda, including
non-agendized topics raised during "Any Other Business" sections.
"Action" here includes formal voting, adoption of position statements,
disbursement of LoCo funds, and other significant decisions. It does not
include decisions by the California LoCo council due to time constraints
as detailed in section C 2.

=== End Amendment Text ===

As an aside, this would be the first amendment to our leadership
document in 3.5 years, and I think it's awesome that we have a document
that works so well that this is the first amendment request (afaik) in
that time :D

Robert Wall
[ Not on behalf of the Ubuntu California LoCo council ]

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Leadership
[2] Side-note: I find the word "agendize" hilarious.

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