[Ubuntu-US-CA] Project: Letters to our Representatives --> ???

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 29 23:24:05 UTC 2013

Perhaps something more approximating some select targeted press releases
or similar?  And in reasonably close coordination with Canonical (to,
avoid, e.g. potential issues with inappropriate duplication of efforts
or communications that may appear inconsistent or
"conflicting"/confusing).  Perhaps more of a selected targeting of
getting the information wanted and of interest into the hands of those
likely to be rather to quite interested in that information.  I'm just
guestimating that may be more effective - and better use of limited
resources - than something that comes off like more of a "campaign",
advocacy push, or sounds/feels like a "sales job".

E.g. something like short press release about UDS and Ubuntu and that
it's been announced and when and where it is, and some basic leads for
additional information/contacts.  And then probably a follow-up much
closer to the event, to serve as "reminder", and hopefully also
including some additional new interesting bit(s) so it's more than "just
a redundant reminder".

Maybe joint press release(s) from Canonical and Ubuntu California?

Anyway, just my quick thoughts on the topic.

et. seq.

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