[Ubuntu-US-CA] Thanks for helping this weekend at SCALE11X

George Mulak George at AmericanFinancialTax.com
Mon Feb 25 19:44:07 UTC 2013

Thank you Philip.  It was a pleasure to be able to help.  Thank you for making me a part.

I am glad that Nathan didn't totally lose his voice.  He was mobbed with people wanting to look at his phone.  I too am glad that my contract is up with my phone.  I am definitely thinking of changing phones, too cool.

I was great to have Jono Bacon stop by also and say Hi! AND sign my book.

Best of all it was great to meet so many of you in person.  See you on #ubuntu-ca-us!

I have a list of people that wanted CD/DVD's of some version of Ubuntu that didn't want to download it.  I will be making and mailing those out this week.

George Mulak
gmulak at americanfinancialtax.com

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I would like to personally think Everyone who was at SCALE11X this
weekend representing the Lo-Co and Ubuntu. Thank you for all your
efforts. Together, we made it an event for the ages. I would
personally like to think the booth volunteers:

Peter M Sullivan: your in-depth thoughts on how to make Ubuntu better
for all is great.

George Mulak : your eagerness to get everything up and running in the
booth in a efficient manner really helped me in so many ways.

Mickey Lyle: Without you I would not be at SCALE, thank you for being
able to coordinate things and keep the booth manned.

Stephen Briles: Your flexibly has made the booth able to adapt to the
people stopping by and make sure that the people coming by the boith
are met with good information, and friendly spirits.

Eric P. Scott: Your ideas on how to make the booth better have given
me stuff to think about fot next year!

As well as booth volunteers  I would like to think the people who
spoke at UbuCon and made Richards job easier. I think UbuCon was a day
to remember. We look foreword to the next time it will happen.

Thank you all so much, and I look foreword to hanging out with you all
as soon as possible!

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