[Ubuntu-US-CA] Looking to get more involved with Ubuntu

Call the Ninja calltheninja at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 06:45:13 UTC 2013

Hey LoCo Team Members,

I thought maybe an introduction would be in order. I am a small business
owner and IT consultant. I mainly do residential computer repair and IT
consulting for small businesses (networking, maintaining Windows Server
installations, etc). I have been using Ubuntu for years and use it every
day for my work.

I would love to use my job as a way to spread Ubuntu but don't currently
have access to any great promotional materials. Any chance you all could
help me get my hands on some? I'm mainly looking for brochures and other
materials to give to customers whose computers could be greatly
benefited by using Ubuntu. Since Windows XP support is ending soon, this
is the perfect time to be pitching alternative operating systems. I'm
also not sure if you all have any promotional materials for your group,
but something that lists local support for Ubuntu as an option would be
incredibly powerful.

If you know anybody who is in the market for a used computer, I sell
desktops preloaded with Windows or Linux in the range of $100 and
laptops in the range of $150.

Just wondering how we can all work together to get Ubuntu onto more systems.


- Alex @ Call the Ninja

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