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Also I might point out that when Chambers of Commerce or politicians
promote their area to groups thinking of bringing in conventions, its never
a case where the politicians, etc. are thinking of (or threatening) showing
up themselves to the highly specialized business or technical talks that
the convention would be holding.  So that's a non-issue.  Instead they
would be helping to get the word out that the event was taking place so
that professionals who are interested in that field will be encouraged to
show up and in turn the CoC/politicians can say "look at this long list of
conventions we've held in our city/region/state.

On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 6:32 AM, nuboon2age <nuboon2age at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think Grant is on to something here.  It is very common for Chambers of
> Commerce and local politicians to look to try to promote conventions coming
> to their area with the hope to boost local business and tourism.
> Berkeley/Oakland/East Bay is very much in need of this kind of shot in the
> arm and I'd think that a group such as for example the Berkeley Chamber of
> Commerce (
> http://berkeleychamber.com/cms2/view.htm/2/40/953/1818/Economic%20Development+Buy%20Local%20Berkeley)
> would likely be excited to hear the internationally significant UDS is back
> for the 2nd time.  We could approach them and they could likely help steer
> us towards an appropriate promotion.  We DO want to emphasize that
> GNU/Linux is an enormous boon for business and EVERYONE needs to learn
> about it.  Perhaps if Ubuntu California is reluctant as a body to do it
> (unclear to me as of yet), a group like Partimus might want to take the
> steps.
> Drew
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>> Subject: Re: [Ubuntu-US-CA] Project: Letters to our Representatives
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>> On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 11:32 AM, Nathan Haines <nhaines at ubuntu.com>
>> wrote:
>> > UDS is a development sprint; it's not a social gathering.  It's set up
>> to
>> > get people working world-wide on important parts of the Ubuntu project
>> > together in one room so they can discuss and decide the focus for their
>> work
>> > for the upcoming development cycle.
>> Right. While there is a community track, even this track is focused on
>> giving action items which lead to producing results and material and
>> isn't going to be valuable or interesting to your standard Ubuntu
>> *user* who is not interested in contributing, let alone someone who
>> only has a passing interest in technology on a policy level.
>> > Inviting large numbers of non-developers who have no prior knowledge or
>> > experience with Ubuntu or Free Software to anything other than the
>> keynote
>> > would seem to be unproductive, unsatisfying, and subversive to the
>> goals of
>> > UDS.
>> I agree, but you do mention "anything other than the keynote" which is
>> where I think we may have an "in" here. Ubuntu is a major player on
>> the Internet today, and the existence of the summit in California
>> again is something that's exciting and important, but as Peter points
>> out, actually inviting them to the summit to attend the workshop
>> sessions about SELinux implementation or whatnot would be useless.
>> > If I wanted to risk hurting UDS anyway, I would at least come up with a
>> > consensus of what UDS "might mean to" California lawmakers before
>> > starting a letter writing campaign.
>> So say we're just inviting some people to the first 2 hours of the
>> summit to see the keynote, I don't think this would be harmful to UDS.
>> But it would require volunteers to properly receive them, it would be
>> a mess to have people spend valuable time and be completely lost. And
>> I think coming up with a consensus as to the value of UDS is
>> essential.
>> Grant - perhaps the team you put together can work on this value
>> document in a broad sense? Even if it's not used for UDS I could see
>> the team leveraging such a document about having active Ubuntu
>> presence in California for other things, including user-focused
>> conferences and involvements with groups like opensourceforamerica.org
>> that Jason mentioned.
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