[Ubuntu-US-CA] Project: Representative-Letters, Part Deux

Ilan Rabinovitch ilan at fonz.net
Sun Feb 10 02:32:33 UTC 2013

We would be happy to work with you from the SCALE side.  Let me know
how we can help.


On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 6:17 PM, Grant Bowman <grantbow at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Here is the project page.
>     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Representative-Letters
> Please join me *after* our team meeting tomorrow night (stick around
> afterward) and/or any night this week M-F at 7:30 PM in IRC
> http://ubuntu-california.org/chat/ or #ubuntu-us-ca on freenode.net to
> discuss this project. Far from being vague, I would like to
> collaboratively draft an initial contact letter and a reminder letter
> with reasonable, appropriate information and send them to all
> California representatives. The fact that this meeting is taking place
> in our state is newsworthy to the "Internet using" public and public
> officials and can be carefully described in a "press release" manner.
> Discussion of advocacy and promotion is part of the world-wide Ubuntu
> work taking place inside UDS. We will coordinate with Canonical,
> codeforamerica.org and opensourceforamerica.org if they opt-in to
> coordinating with us. We are the team members willing to step forward
> to work on this project. Of course more "user focused" events such as
> SCaLE socallinuxexpo.org can be promoted at the same time if done in a
> coordinated manner.
> Thank you one and all for your valuable, constructive feedback and
> contributions to this effort. I've made adjustments to the plan though
> I think that some of my intention in launching this project were
> misconstrued due to lack of detail. Details are forthcoming. The
> discussion on the email list is very much in line with what I was
> thinking.
> Let's take a quick step back. What do LoCos do? We advocate and
> promote Ubuntu. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams I do not think we
> should shy away from talking with fellow citizen computer users, even
> if they happen to work in politics. As citizens we have an option to
> exercise our voice to our representatives about what is important to
> us. Ubuntu is important to us, it's why we participate in the team.
> How do we work together? We demonstrate humanity toward others,
> Ubuntu. We do not show prejudice, we foster collaboration and we
> respectfully assume good intentions. This discussion among people with
> different needs, interest and skills helps us work together. As this
> kind of letter writing outreach has not been done before (to my
> knowledge) we are refining this idea and carefully aligning it with
> other Ubuntu efforts. We strive for consensus but this is not an
> absolute requirement for moving forward together.
> http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct  How might the
> opposite look? Claiming other people are motivated by subversion,
> undermining, harmful or unethical intentions and not being willing to
> participate. While we may not agree on all points there is hopefully
> no need for such claims in our volunteer team. If we seriously
> disagree there are procedures for escalation. Some team members are
> familiar with these procedures. A clear majority of people have
> responded positively to this concept and I appreciate the discussion
> of merits and concerns. Several different levels of organization have
> been involved in the planning of this team project. The devil will be
> in the details of implementation so let's get to work.
> Respectfully,
> Grant Bowman
> ubuntu-california.org
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