[Ubuntu-US-CA] Demand high for Ubuntu gatherings in Silicon Valley

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Wed Oct 3 19:04:19 UTC 2012

First BTW: James McClain, Christian Einfeldt, Lyz and I did the Ubuntu Hour
SF yesterday and had a great ole time, discussing Partimus (which I learned
means "We share"), wart hogs, Ghana, LoCo leadership and other Ubuntu
matters, going to The Grove to get a bite to eat afterwards.  And Monday
Christian says there is a Partimus activity, taking computers from SF over
to the East Bay to a new school site.

Now my main topic: how hungry folks seem to be for Ubuntu gatherings in
Silicon Valley.  I always suspected there was a LOT of pent-up demand, and
now I see strong indication that is the case.  I'm doing a social change
project with James McClain for a class we have at De Anza college where we
are going to promote Ubuntu Hours in Santa Clara Valley / County (i.e.
Silicon Valley).  So I payed $15 and started a Meetup group to try to reach
beyond the usual suspects.  And a few days later there are already 20
people who have joined up!!!  No joke!  And they are spontaneously
suggesting meeting times and places!  Yeah!



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> > Bon voyage lyz!
> Thanks!
> > I won't be making it to this one as I am already in Boise for the next
> few weeks visiting family.
> Enjoy! See you around when I return :)
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